A student at the amchi (Tibetan doctor) school in Lo Manthang.

Cultural Initiatives

Proceeds from book and print sales go back to each community for cultural conservation and preservation initiatives. The following are locally run initiatives that The Vanishing Cultures Project is currently committed to funding.

Upper Mustang

The Amchi School

An “amchi” is the name for a doctor of Tibetan medicine. The amchi school in Upper Mustang teaches the ancient science of Tibetan medicine to new generations of Loba, as well as providing a solid liberal arts education. Students at the amchi school gain a strong foundation in English, math, history, the arts, and the sciences in addition to the botany, chemistry, and anatomy related to Tibetan medicine. In this way, students are given a solid education to achieve in the developing world, while also retaining the wisdom of their culture’s ancient science.

Visit the website of the Amchi School: Lo Kunphen School and Mentsikhang

The Great Compassion Boarding School

Although free government schools are located throughout the Mustang region, they are very underfunded and classes are administered exclusively in the Nepali language. Better boarding schools, with an emphasis on Tibetan language and culture, are available, but only far away in the main cities of lower Nepal—Pokhara and Kathmandu—or even further in India. Students who attend these faraway schools often never return to their homeland, or, if they do, find it an alien place where they are unfamiliar with the traditions and culture.

The Great Compassion Boarding School, located in Lo Manthang, is an effective alternative. Run by charitable donations and grants, the school is able to give students a solid education with a concentration on Tibetan language and culture, while offering the students the opportunity to stay in their homeland and absorb their native culture.

Visit the website of the school: The Great Compassion Boarding School


Arts Council of Mongolia

The mission of the Arts Council of Mongolia is to promote and advocate for the sustainable development of arts and culture and the preservation of the cultural heritage of Mongolia.

Visit their website: Arts Council of Mongolia