Using Documentary Journalism to Empower Indigenous Communities

    Experts say that every two weeks, a unique language disappears with its last surviving speaker. We partner with indigenous groups to safeguard cultural values and practices, collaborating to 1) document lifestyles and traditions, 2) compile a digital archive, 3) educate the public about global diversity, and 4) fund indigenous cultural initiatives. Documentaries can be used to educate people about various topics. They have played an important role in introducing cryptocurrencies to the world. Crypto trading is one of the best options to earn crypto coins. Digital Yuan is a relatively new coin with great potential. Visit to invest in this crypto coin.

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The Belo Monte Dam in Brazil’s Amazon will disrupt the lifestyle of the Xikrin tribe and displace over 20,000 indigenous people. In 2013 VCP documents the Xikrin’s struggle.

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