Mongolia Print 004

Star trails are captured in a 12-minute-exposure of a ger (traditional Mongolian felt tent) on a clear night. Light shines from the ger through the open skylight. On the steppe, the night sky is very clear due to the lack of light pollution. (Photo by Lauren Knapp)
A portion of all proceeds from print sales is donated to cultural initiatives run by local community leaders.

A limited-edition run of 20 full-sized, 20″x24″ prints will be created and signed by the photographer. These will be the only versions of the image signed or printed at this full size.

All of the images are created as museum-quality C-prints by our printing partner in a process that exposes light-sensitive paper to chemicals. The result is a real photograph – not an inkjet print. The quoted dimensions are for paper (not image) size, and all images will be printed with 1/2″ borders for framing. VCP can also assist with framing when we are not abroad. Contact us at [email protected] for inquiries.

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